Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our Room Numbers are not pure digits. Instead they are alphanumeric like ICU1 and CCU1.How does NCS indicate the room designation?
Answer: It is exactly for the same reason that Nurse Station equipment is designed with a HDMI port to be able to connect any suitable LCD TV or monitor. Instead of a simple room number window, we can attach a JPG image to any room.
What kind of cable is required?
Answer: CAT5/CAT6 cable should be drawn from every room to the associated nurse station.
Can we become your Dealer?
Answer: Yes, you can become a dealer for unrepresented geographies.
Can you arrange for a Demo?
Answer: Surely, we will do it. It will be of great help if you can let us know which model is suitable for you.
Can the end user buy directly from you?
Answer: Sure, we will support with our own branches established strategically across the country.
What is the approximate price per bed?
Answer: It is really difficult to arrive at this unless we have a proper Bill of Quantity (BOQ), for which we need your floor plan to be sent to
Is it made in India ?
Answer: Yes, it is very much designed and developed by hard-core in-house technocrats with more than 30 years of experience. Right now, it is manufactured at the only factory located in Bangalore.