Working of NCS-ELEGANT+

This model is designed to be very cost effective with only essential features. It can be used to upgrade existing electrical buzzer system. For new installations just a 2 pair economical cable including telephone cable can be used. One Nurse Station Display can be shared by up to 64 calling points. Makes use of very few backend communication devices apart from front end components

Enhanced Features:

  • Call forwarding Lean hours definition can be done at respective Nurse Station through the Menu key. When a particular Station is inactive, its calls can be Forwarded to other Nurse Station which in turn is configurable..
  • High fidelity Call descriptive announcement eg: Bed Call, Long Call, Toilet Call etc.
    ( Click to Hear)
  • Volume control setting through navigation keys on the keypad.
  • Configuration of different volume levels based on RTC(4 different time ranges).
  • Calls are displayed in the order of originating time
  • Loading room names and configuration through pen drive.
  • SMS alerts can be sent for escalated calls.
  • Report generation through NCAS software running on the PC which will get all information through LAN.

Modules / Specifications:

Image 1

Call Processing Module(CPM)

CPM Designed around a system-on-chip processor, it collects Keys information through Nurse Call Multiplexer and sends indicator information to Nurse Call Multiplexer. It shows call information and room numbers on an LCD TV and announces call status with high-quality voice. It provides a user interface through a keypad to configure the system.

Dimension : 272W X 82H X 200D mm,
Power : 230 V AC +/-10%, 50 Hz, 50 watts
Weight : 1.5 Kg
Mounting : Table Top
Material : ABS Plastic Enclosure,

Image 2


This LCD TV is sourced from a third party and is used for both audio announcement and visual display in multicolor. If higher decibel voice is required external speaker can be added..

LCD display :19” Display
Power : 36 watts
Resolution :1024x768 pixels (min)
Input interface :HDMI
Mounting : Table Top

Image 4

Nurse Call Multiplexer

It allows for 16 bedside calling units or 16 toilet calling units. It uses 4 pairs of wires to interconnect with CPM. It can utilize PIX units to connect more than 16 calling units. A maximum of 6 PIX units can be connected to the multiplexer. Thus System can connected to maximum 64 calling units.

Dimension :345W X 152H X 52D mm
Power :230 V AC +/-10%, 50Hz, 50 watts.
Weight : 2.0 Kg
Mounting : Wall Mount
Material : Powder Coated MS Enclosure

Image 2

Bed Calling Unit

The unit is designed with soft touch key pad consisting of one key for call initiation and another for clearing call which is required to be done by the nurse attending to the patient.

Additional push button switch is integrated to this unit by means of a coil cord to enable a patient to initiate a call from the bed itself.

Dimension : 118mm (L) X 90mm (W) X 53mm (H)
Weight : 140 g
Material : Plastic Enclosure,

Image 4

Toilet Calling Unit (TCU)

Here call is originated by pulling the cord and can be cleared by pulling it again. The LED indicator lights up if call is active. This allows the patient to initiate a call from squatting positions itself.

Dimension :118mm (L) X 90mm (W) X 53mm (H)
Weight :90 g
Material :Plastic Enclosure

Image 4

Door / Bed Indicator (DI / BI)

  • Houses multicolour super bright LEDs.
  • Uses a protruded plastic housing to enable viewing from any point along the length of corridor.
  • Needs less than 600mwatts.
  • Indicates various Call types & Status.

Dimension :95mm(W) X 100mm(H) X 47mm(D)
Weight :95 grams
Material :Polycarbonate