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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the maximum distance from the Token Calling Unit to the Display ?
Ans: A distance of 500 meters between Token Calling Unit & Display can be easily met with using CAT5/6 cable.
2) What are the different sizes of LED digits available? How many digits can system support ?
Ans:Our std. product comes with 2" and 4" height digits. However display can also be customised up to maximum of 6". It is possible to support up to 6 digits.
3) Can the voice announcement be customised for any language ?
Ans: Our system announces Token nos. in any two languages one after other. Please check with us if we can support your desired languages. If we do not have in our library, you are required to send a wave file with digit announcement recorded in these particular languages.
4) Can multiple displays be deployed in different waiting halls or in different directions in same waiting hall ?
Ans: Yes, it is possible with an additional interface unit called "Display Hub"
5) Is it possible to have green colored Display ?
Ans: Yes, we have two std. colours red and green which you can choose from.