Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What do I do if more than 16 RTDs’ have to be read and logged on to a PC?

      Ans: It is possible to interconnect up to 31 devices of Iscan16  to a PC and run an application developed by Process Care to

      read up to 31x16 = 496 RTDs’.

               Incidentally this approach has an advantage of positioning Iscan16 closer to the process and to have shorter compensating

      cables.But for communicating the scanned information to a remote PC one can use ordinary telephone cables.


2.  Can I connect a printer to the scanner and have print outs at regular intervals?

      Ans: Yes, one of our models allows you to set print interval time and have the temperature data in printable characters put onto

      a serial printer.


3.  Is it possible to use these scanners for any other parameter than temperature?

     Ans: Yes, One can convert sensor signals to either 0-10V or 4-20 mA and feed them to the scanner. But only restriction is that all

     the sensors have to be of the same type.


4.  Can I use 8 channel scanner as 8 temperature controllers?

     Ans: Yes, you can connect an external relay module to do ON/OFF control with individual set points programmable with

     different values.




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