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Space and Defence Products

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In Circuit Emulator - RTX2010

          HS RTX2010 is a 16bit stack based microcontroller designed to be radiation-hardened to suit Space applications where very high-speed control tasks are to be performed.
          The Emulator for this processor which was not available has been designed for ISRO. Presently, this emulator is used by several divisions of ISRO all over India.
Some of the features of this emulator are as follows.

  • Single step execution with status reporting on all registers. Break on various conditions like: Instruction fetch at an address, I/O activity, Memory Read, Memory Write, Interrupt and also asynchronous Break.
  • Counting of Time elapsed while executing a routine in the number of clock states.
  • Map memory of 64K bytes.
  • Trace memory of 64K cycles.
  • Download / upload of programs from / to the disk. Editing of user memory.
  • Disassembler to list out RTX2010 Mnemonics.    
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TM/TC Simulator for Satellites

        Emulates all the Telecommand signals emerging from the onboard Telecommand system and to provide a means for the testing personnel to generate these commands.
        Interfaced to the Telemetry Signals of the subsystem and presenting it for the test personnel to view and arrive at conclusions.
It consists of four  modules :
Mother Board – to facilitate interconnection among modules and to route power.
Telemetry Module - Accepts 11 Digital inputs, 33 RF bits , 20 Analog inputs and 11 Thermistor inputs.
TeleCommand Module – Generates 18 Low Level pulse commands, 19 High Level Pulse commands, 4 High Level Commands and 4 Data Commands.
Front End Controller – To collect telemetry information of all the TM modules and transmit to Local PC on demand. To accept command from Local PC and route it to the corresponding TC Module to generate proper command.
           The system consists of 1 mother board 20 telemetry modules, 20 telecommand modules,  1 frontend controller, 2 power supply units and a PC loaded with inhouse developed software modules.

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Tactical Voice Communication System for Air Combat Simulation

          The pilots of combat aircraft are trained using Flight Simulators.To create a real environment it is a need to establish voice link among trainee, instructors, master controller etc. Along with voice other external sounds like Engine sound, noise, music etc has to be mixed to bring out real environment. The system is provided with following features:

  • Six voice channels for communication.
  • Audio mixer for Aural cue wave files generated by a computer.
  • External engine sound, cracking ,hissing, song etc, sound simulation.
  • G Dim effect for the trainees.
  • Recording output for sound recording to be replayed in debriefing sessions.
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