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Smart SCAN - 08


The Smart SCAN - 08 is a micro controller based scanner cum controller, which can measure and control various parameters like Temperature, Pressure etc. Available in ten different models, to suit various sensors and applications. It can scan up to 12 RTDS or 11 Thermocouples. Ensures excellent linearity through piecewise linearisation. Separate model available for grouping of individual alarms. Any Channel can be grouped under any one of the four groups. Each group has its own Alarm and Trip relays. Similarly every channel has its own Alarm and Trip set values. Provides an RS232C interface to take periodical print outs of parameters.

Ideal for Parameters monitoring, Printing and Logging.

Used by many for motor winding temperature monitoring etc.

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INDIMON is a Micro controller based 4 channel Indicator / Monitor with four independent 3 Digits of 0.5" Displays for simultaneous indication of all 4 Channels.

Used where close monitoring of parameter values is required.

Two channels are equipped with independent relay O/Ps.

Used for Dryer applications.

Uses K type thermocouples.                                                                    more

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