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  Fiber MUX ( FMUX )

          Full Duplex inter-connection of four RS232C Data Terminal Equipments. Data Transmission is on REAL TIME and not STORE AND FORWARD .

  • Automatic baud rate & Data format selection
  • Full duplex Asynchronous Communication
  • Works upto a distance of 20Kmts.
  • Single Mode / Multi mode options available.

  RS485 to fiber ( RS485FO )

                RS485FO is designed to convert Data on RS485 port (Electrical Signal) to optical signals to send across a fiber cable and vice versa. It uses two cores of fiber one for transmitting and the other for receiving data. It is used to extend the distance of RS485 Bus.

  • Totally user Transparent to Baud rate & Data Format.
  • Automatic Direction Selection on RS485 bus.
  • Uses Manchester Coding.
  • Resynchronisation at the receiver end i.e., reception free of bias distortion.

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  Fiber TAP ( FTAP 485)

           FiberTap 485 is designed to have RS485 bus working on Fiber Cable. One Fiber tap 485 is inserted on the bus wherever an RS485 device has to be hooked. The Data coming from the upstream or the down stream is received and reconstructed to be transmitted on the down stream or upstream respectively. The same data is also sent on RS485 port. Similarly, data from RS485 port is transmitted both on upstream and down stream optically.

  • RS-422/485 Full Duplex.
  • Transparent to Baudrate and Data Format
  • Table top or Panel Mountable
  • Multimode or Single mode options
  • Can drive upto 20Kms.


  • Used to check the dB level of the optical Signal on the fiber link.
  • Both SC and ST connector versions available.
  • Can check at wavelengths of 850nm and 1300nm.
  • Works with fiber optics cables 50, 62.5 and 100 micron,simple, duplex or bundled.
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