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                       Data Communication Interface  -  Copper. . . .

RS232 to RS485 Converter

        Icon 485 [ RS232 to RS485 Converter ]

  • Converts RS232 to RS485 and vice versa.
  • Provides automatiic direction selection.
  • Optical isolation is one of  the main features.
  • Finds its application in systems involving PLCs/AC Drives/Card Readers etc.
              RS232 to RS485 Converter

Centronic Interface

    Smart CON

  • Converts serial port to parallel port and vice versa (i.e RS232 <-> Centronix).
  • Uses DIP switch for baud rate/data format selection.
  • Provides for memory buffer.
  • Uses a Microcontroller.
            Centronic Interface
Line Drivers

        Line Drivers

  • Drives RS232 signals to a long distance.
  •  Provides optical isolation and lightning protection.
  • Available in various models to suit different environments.
  • Can Drive up to 6 kms at 9600 baud.
  • Auto baud rate & data format selection.
                                                                   Line Drivers      

RS232 Serial Sharer

        Serial Port Sharer SS801

  • Designed to share one serial device among 2 or 4 serial ports automatically.
  • Provides optical isolation.
  • Auto baud rate and data format selection.
  • Supports up to 38.4 KBPS.
                                                                    RS232 Serial Sharer

   Multiplexer DeMultiplexer

         DYNMUX Series Multiplexer

  • Used to connect cluster of remote RS232C devices at distance of upto 2 KM using only 2 pairs of long distance wires.
  • Provides optical isolation and lightning protection.
  • Available in different models for different applications. Real time transmission of Data (Not store & forward).
                                                                  Multiplexers Demultiplexers             

Data Routers

        Data Routers for RS232 - RMD128

  • Used to multi drop RS 232 devices.
  • Can be used to implement poll select protocol to inter-connect several devices to a common RS232 port.
  • Protocol independent.
  • Can be used to implementing MODBUS protocol on RS232 port.
                                                                   Data Routers

   Demultiplexer 128

        DMX 124/128

  • Designed to connect one of 4 or 8 RS232 devices to common port.
  • Provides for both Auto and Manual selection.
  • Ideal for CNC machines interconnection.
  • Broad Casting of Data in one direction is an option.

   Parallel port Sharer

        Parellel Port Sharer ( Printer Sharer )

  • Designed to share a parallel device like printer among several PC users automatically.
  • Available in 2:1, 4:1 and 4:2 models.
  • Supports Centronix interface on parallel ports.
                                                                  printer sharer

   LAN Tester

        LAN CaT

  • Designed to check continuity, polarisation, miswiring of UTP cables by auto scanning.
  • Battery operated, easy to use.


   ABC 08 Switch

    ABC 08 SWITCH      

      Designed to switch 8 ports to either computer A or computer B simultaneously with a single control switch.
  • Used in fault tolerant systems.
  • Supports TXD, RXD and one pair of handshake signals.
                                                                ABC 08 Switch

   RS485 Matrix Switch 4 x 4


    Designed to arrange 8 RS232C ports in a matrix of 4x4 and cross connect them.
  • Supports TXD, RXD and one pair of handshake signals.
  • Connection map can be downloaded through a separate RS232 Control Port.
                                                                    RS485 Matrix Switch 4 x 4

   Comport isolator

        Comport Isolator

  • Provides optical isolation between I/P and O/P serial ports.
  • Supports all the signals generally used in any RS232 port.
  • Both Galvanic & Optical isolation is provided.
  • Extensively used to connect PLCs and CNC machines.
                                                    Comport isolator

                                     Data Communication Interface  -  Fiber. . . .

RS485 fiber tap

       RS485 Fiber Tap

                           FiberTap 485 is designed to have RS485 bus working on Fiber Cable. One Fiber tap 485 is inserted on the bus wherever an RS485 device has to be hooked.
  • The RS422/485 port inserts data on to both up and down stream fiber ports and drops data from both the fiber ports.
  • Supports various speeds of transmission from 110bps to 128kbps.
  • Table top or panel mountable versions available.
  • Multimode or single mode fibers supported.
                                                                  RS485 fiber tap

fiber Multiplexer

   Fiber MUX

           Full Duplex inter-connection of four RS232C Data Terminal Equipments. Data Transmission is on REAL TIME and not STORE AND FORWARD .
  • Automatic baud rate & Data format selection
  • Full duplex Asynchronous Communication Composite link communication is through Fiber
  • Works upto a distance of 20Kmts.
  • Single Mode / Multi mode fiber port options available.
                                                                fiber Multiplexer

   Rs232-485 fiber Connectivity

        RS232/485 to Fiber

                    RS485FO is designed to convert Data on RS485 port (Electrical Signal) to optical signals to send across a fiber cable and vice versa.
  • It uses two cores of fiber one for transmitting and the other for receiving data.
  • It is used to extend the distance of RS485 Bus.
  • Totally user Transparent to Baud rate & Data Format.
  • Automatic Direction Selection on RS485 bus.
  • Uses Manchester Coding.
  • Resynchronisation at the receiver end i.e., reception free of bias distortion.
                                                                Rs232-485 fiber Connectivity

            Optic fiber Cable Tester

        Opti CAT

  • Used to check  the connectivity.Both SC and ST connector versions available.
  • Can check at wavelengths of 850nm and 1300nm.
  • Works with fiber optics cables 50, 62.5 and 100 micron,simple, duplex or bundled.