It is well known fact that the active life span of any creature on earth is very much limited. Hence every one should and will try to get the maximum out of this limited time. At the same time good resources like eminent scientists, lawyers, doctors etc are also limited. Hence people aspiring for such resources have to find a way to share in a civilized way so that many can derive  benefits of these resources without spending their precious time much more than what is required. The best way to do this is to fall in queue and have a system to manage this queue efficiently.

              Hospital Queue Management System  designed by Process Care Systems  makes the process of patients consulting with the doctor EASY & COMFORTABLE. The system takes care of all the events right from patient registration to the event of clearing the bill. The patients are assisted with the required information at every stage of consultating desired Doctor through large size LED Display Systems. The system also enables the Doctor to recall the patients put onto some procedures, to call a nurse  or any assistance and to clear patients name not responded for long time from the list.
1)  HHU [Hand Held Unit] : These units are to be used by doctors for
      the  purpose of calling the patients sitting in the waiting halls.

2)  Waiting Hall Display Units : These are LED Display units installed  
      inWaiting Halls to inform the patients about the current calls made
      by  the doctors.

3)  Door Display : The Door Display Unit attached  to the consulting room
      is used to display the name of the consulting doctor occupying the
      room,Doctor's activity and the current patient's Token No.Each
      consulting room is required to have one DDU.

4)  Nurse Station Display : These displays are deployed at different nurse
         stations and are used to show doctor's call for assistance.
                For Nurse Call Systems :
               For Token Management System :
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