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  Power Control Module

          This is used to continiously monitor and control the operation of a Power Generator. This device is capable of displaying multiple critical engine and electrical parameters on 128*64 pixels back lit LCD Display. PCM can display more than 7 variables in 5 different formats. It gives a digital o/p with a current capacity suitable to energise solenoid to shutdown engine.Five Soft touch keys enables user to scroll through various pages and to configure the functionality.This instrument is also equipped with digital o/p for alarm and with an RS232-Serial port for communication and remote reading of parameters.

  Tube Process Control Unit

         This is a microcontroller based product which accepts an input from a pressure switch and starts process (Curing of Tubes). The unit is provided with a dual display to display the running time of the process and Product (Cycle) Count. Two timings can be set and they run in a cyclic fashion. A relay O/P is provided for each of the timer, which can be used for control. Also there is a provission to run process in manual or auto mode. The main feature of the system is that it has an RS485 port and several such units can be connected to a PC.User friendly GUI module on PC.

  Electronic Control Panel for Printer

         This Device is designed to replace bulky control panels. The system accepts inputs from 10 electro-mechanical switches and also an analog sensor. It is provided with timers and counters and the process is run as per the preprogrammed sequence.For the user the timers are made programmable. The main feature of the unit is that low current AC loads are directly driven and the status of the various loads is shown on the 320 x 240 pixels LCD screen. Also in place of bulky push buttons feather keys are used and thus reducing space and wiring. 

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