Production Line Monitoring System



               The Production Line Monitoring System interconnects all the stations in an production line to a supervisor. Every production station is provided with a Station Unit(SU) / a Machine Monitoring Unit (MMU) which allows the operator at particular station to convey any problem at the station causing the production line hold up. Commonly encountered causes are allocated hot key to immediately convey the cause for the holdup by pressing a relevant key.

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  Production  Monitoring System / Andon Display

             These are used in the manufacturing industries to display production details going on in the assembly line. Production details such as TARGET COUNT, ACTUAL COUNT, and DIFFERENCE will be shown on the Display.

  • Operators can set target, break and lunch time.
  • Control unit automatically updates progressive target count with time.
  • Displays the achieved target count on every input pulse.
  • Display size - 4" seven segment display.
  • Target indicator- 3 digits, Achieved - 3 digits. Difference indicator - 3 digits.Repair count - 2 digits.
  • Over all dimension (687mm x 380mm x 100mm). 

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 Production Rate Monitoring System

  • The display uses 4" 7 segment LED Display unit of 8 Nos to show different production Line parameters. 
  • Over all dimension (1280mm x 800mm x 100mm).
  • Static information display is illuminated by back light with uniform intensity.
  • Designed to work with remote PLC at a distance of 3kms.

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