Smart Counter / Timer 

        Smart Counter / Timer - SC06 is a microcontroller based 6 digit preset / event counter. Can be field programmed through front panel keys, to be operated in NORMAL / REPEAT / CARRY Mode. Provides Non Volatile memory and RS232C output. Available in various models to suit RPM counting & controlling, measuring in Engg Units ( Eg. Length Measurements) totalising upto three inputs etc.

  • Free running RS232 output supported. 

  (4-20)mA Transmitter

             The TRANSMITTER receives signal from Transducers like RTD, Thermocouples, Current Transformer etc., and converts the received signal to (4-20)mA OR (0-10)V output corresponding to the input.

  • Different Models are available for indicating transmitters and dual outputs.
  • Also available are the Loop powered transmitters.


  Indication Cluster

             Indication Cluster is an 8 window LED array. These can be used to replace indicating lamps.It is available in various color options and can work from 9 - 36 VDC.Provision to insert any symbol on any indicator window.


  LCD Gauge

             LCD Gauge is a micro controller based parameter indicator using Circular LCD bar graph. It not only measures but also compares the parameter value with factory set value to flash an inbuilt LED and to give out open collector output. Available to indicate pressure, temperature & level etc. Extensively used on Dash boards of heavy vehicles.


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