Panic Alarm Controller

                                                             PANIC ALARM CONTROLLER





  Assisted living with emergency medical care is becoming essential for senior citizens as their children are compelled to take up assignments far away from their home towns. Such living homes must have Panic button facility at every living room and wash rooms through which alarm can be raised and notified at central medical care/security station.

Panic Alarm system is designed to get connected to 4 Panic buttons deployed in living rooms and 4 Emergency Units in the wash rooms. Call from Emergency Units is distinguished from living room buttons so that higher priority can be arranged to such calls.

The system includes a dual colour Door Indicator deployed outside facing the corridor to help care givers identify the home from where call is originated. This Door Indicator lights up in Amber to show alarm is triggered from one of the Panic buttons which it lights up in Red to show if alarm is triggered from any of the Emergency Units.

The system also provides for a centralised Panic Alarm Controller along with an LCD display of suitable size (opted by the customer) to be positioned at Central Medical care/Security station. Any alarm triggered from any of the homes will be shown on the display along with Voice message to alert staff available at the station. The system does not allow for clearing the call from Centralised station itself although it allows for acknowledging the call and thereby muting the Voice alert. This makes sure that the call givers reach the source of alarm and then clear the pending calls.

Connectivity of the Panic buttons is established through backend communication devices interconnected in Tree structure to minimize cabling. The system allows for a maximum of 3840 calling points to be scanned in less than a second time for immediate notification at the centralised station.


  •  Very low working voltage ensures resident safety.
  •  Door Indicator helps locating the home raising the alarm.
  •  Allows for large LCD TV connectivity at the centralised station to view many simultaneous calls that may occur.
  •  Hi-Fidelity Voice alert helps care givers to look into other parallel activities.
  •  Provides for call escalation of long pending calls by sending SMS alerts to different groups at 3 different levels.
  •  Voice volume can be set at different levels for different time slots.
Various Units associated are shown below:

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