Speed Indication Display

          Speed Indication Display is used to show speed of the vehicles running on the highways. Speed information is received from a Controller through Ethernet port in a predetermined format. 48x24 pixels of LEDs are used to show maximum 3 digits of speed value and 48x8 pixels of LEDs are used to show the speed unit ie; “KMPH”. The header text “YOUR SPEED” and footer text “DRIVE SLOW” are provided with backlight to make it visible during night also.

Interface with Controller :Ethernet port
Height of Speed value digits :280mm
Height of Speed unit (KMPH): :106mm
Height of Static texts with backlight : 75mm
Input Power :230VAC, 50Hz, 50W
Display pixels :48 x 32
LED :5mm Amber colour oval LEDs
Dimensions :750mm (W) x 750mm (H) x 75mm (D)

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