Nurse Call System designed in house is a micro controller based audio / visual alarm system to invoke positive response from a nurse just by a keypress from a patient's room. Varitey of models are developed to suit very small Nursing home of as small as 5 Beds to Multi Speciality Hospitals of Several thousands of Beds.


      Designed to establish IP based connectivity of all nurse stations and to provide for multiple supervisory displays distributed all over health care center.This model apart from supporting all the features listed under NCS-Enterprise model provides for following additional features:

  • Multicolor room number display to distinguish different types of calls.
  • High quality voice announcement for narrating type of call.
  • Various user selectable timing parameters and behavior adjustment.
  • Versatile diagnostic features.
  • Listing of calls in the order of time of origination.

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  • Highly modular design.
  • While the operation remains simplified, it is filled with lot of features.
  • Very cost-effective where patients are sharing room.
  • Can manage patient calls  from Several Hundred Beds.
  • Reserved footer space on NS_LCD display allows for description of type of call.
  • PC connectivity makes it possible to generate management information reports and add on many enhanced features like sending SMS for an escalated call.
  • Advanced features like Call Forwarding,Call Escalation and CodeBlue broadcasting are included.

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  • Can manage upto 48 Patients from a Nurse Station with addition of only low cost modules.
  • Long Pending Call alert is an additional benefit.
  • Different modules in the system can be strategically located to reduce the cabling drastically, since the inter module distances can be several 100 meters.
  • Usage of LCD module allows for dynamically changing the room numbers reducing wall space.
  • Ideal for escalating calls upto three levels and sending SMS to predefined mobile phones.
  • Sends three different preprogrammed SMS messages along with predefined room names/numbers.
  • Every room can be associated with different sets of mobile numbers chosen from a pool of 64 numbers.
  • Can replace legacy buzzer system without having to re-lay the wires.

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  • Makes use of an LCD module of 128 x 64 pixels to show Call originating room No.s and to enhance aesthetics.
  • Voice module with Standard voice ” Attention; Patient Calling ” instead of buzzer makes it distinguished.
  • Very low Working Voltage(12V) to ensure patient's safety.
  • Manages upto 8 Patients from a Nurse Station.
  • Can replace legacy buzzer system without having to re-lay the wires.
  • Very Low Cost Solution.

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  • Designed to carry out dual functionality for doctors operating from OPDs Viz: to seek assistance from Nurse Station and to indicate the presence of the doctor in that OPD.
  • Only one Cat5 cable is made use of to convey both information to Central Station.
  • Common door indicator used to show the presence of the doctor as well as a pending Call.
  • While for the doctors' presence indications, Static LED based windows are used. For indicating Origination of call, an LCD display windows is made use of.
  • The System can also provide for triggering call from the Toilets in the OPD Area.

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