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 Nurse Call Systems


     Nurse Call System
(NCS) is a micro controller based audio / visual alarm system to invoke positive response from a nurse just by a keypress from a patient's room.    

  • It is a 16 window display which can manage patient calls  from 16 rooms.
  • It is designed with static windows and one can insert a bromide film (or similar thing) with the required letters to identify the room.
  • Voice module with Standard voice ” Attention; Patient Calling ” instead of buzzer makes it distinguished.
  • Can replace legacy buzzer system without having to re-lay the wires.
  • Highly modular design.
  • While the operation remains simplified it is filled with lot of features.
  • Very cost-effective where patients are sharing room.
  • Can manage patient calls from 48 rooms.
  • Reserved footer space on NS_LCD display allows for description of type of call.
  • PC connectivity makes it possible to generate management information reports and add on many enhanced features like sending SMS for an escalated call.

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  Hospital Queue Management System

      It is used in managing OPD queue by constantly updating information to both patients and doctors.The system consists of : 
  • Hand Held Units for Doctors using which he can select and call his patients.
  • Waiting Hall Displays helps guiding the the patients to a consulting room when called by a doctor.
  • Door Displays attached near the consulting room will display the Doctor's name who logged into the Hand Held Unit kept in the room.
  • Nurse Station Displays deployed at the nurse station shows the name of the doctor asking for assistance from that nurse station.

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  Token Management System

                             Token Management system helps in issuing a Token, segregating the tokens for different sevices, routing them to proper service providers and enables the service provider to announce a token number chosen from particular Queue both visually and aurally.
  • Designed around RISC based microcontroller with STAR topology for better reliability.
  • Compact Token Calling Unit with LCD display to reduce power consumption.
  • The Token Displays are designed with inbuilt voice module to announce token number in two different languages.
  • Provision is made for auto printing of multiple copies of token.

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  Operation Theater Parameter Display

                             OTPD is a microcontroller based device designed for use in hospitals’ Operation theatres to keep track of the time elapsed during Operation and to monitor the Environmental Parameters like Room Temperature and Humidity. It is also housed with a Digital Clock.
  • Uses 2” Super bright seven segment LED displays.
  • Alarms for each parameter can be set so that on crossing of the set value it will raise an alarm.
  • It also allows for seting up Timer Alarm to indicate time is running out.

  Smart Announcement Digital Clock

               It Displays time and also can announce a pre-programmed voice message for eg : "Wash your Hands" at pre-set time interval. It can be used in hospitals, railway stations, banks and in several public places.
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