One of the basic needs of creatures on earth is to get the required information at the right place and right time which saves its time and energy. Information could be events, physical parameters, thoughts, time, location, signals etc.

           It is very often  required to disseminate such informations to a larger population at once. For such applications certainly huge displays are required such that it can be placed at viewable  height to be seen by many people. Data Care specializes in both picking up information from several sources and putting it on larger LED based display for public viewing.

           The display sizes and types  vary depending on the application. Similarly luminosity of the display depends on indoor or outdoor applications.The type of display could be  numerical, alphanumerical or graphic display. Data Care has in its range several models to suit all these applications.



144 x 80 pixels Graphic Message Displays with Scrolling options

144 x 80 pixels Graphic Message Displays with Scrolling options     

  Destination Displays with Multi Scrolling Options
PRODUCT MONITORING DISPLAYS Production Monitoring Displays

ASCII DISPLAYS Stand Alone Ascii Displays with Easy Message Composing Keypads

    O.T.P.I Operation Theater Parameter Indicators


    DIGITAL CLOCKS Digital Clocks

    H.Q.M.SHospital Queue Management System