Graphic Message Display Boards

             The Graphic Message Display Boards are suitable to show bitmapped graphic images for applications such as Parameter Displays for Factories, Welcome Message Display Boards, Shop Information Display, Advertisement Boards, Passenger information Displays in stations

  • Versatile image making s/w.
  • Provision to set variable time slot duration for each message.
  • Allows up to a maximum of 12 graphic images to be stored in board memory.
  • Board sizes can be multiples of 48 x 16 pixels.
  • Row wise scrolling can be done.

  Stand Alone Ascii Display

             This is two line alphanumeric display having dot matrix display modules of 8x8 pixels. They are available in 96x16, 144x16 pixel sizes. The keypad consisting of 20 feather touch keys provides for making messages like it is done with hand phones to create SMS and composed messages can be stored in it.

  • Upto 100 messages can be stored .
  • User friendly keypad similar to hand phones. 

  Power House Parameter Indicator

               The parameters like winding temperatures, Frequency, Room temperature, KiloVolts and Time displayed on the panel mounted indicators are  to be displayed on bigger display so that it will be visible from a distance to a larger population. The system makes use of the signals transmitted by the current transmitters and then retransmit the same signals to be used by the existing indicators with smaller display modules.

  Modbus Parameter Display

              Modbus Parameter Display is a microcontroller based, LED type Display, designed to be used in Power Plants to keep track of various process Parameters.

  • Uses super bright 5mm oval LEDs which are meant for outdoor applications. The height of the Characters is 172mm. Modbus RTU Protocol is implemented on RS485 Communication port.
  • Here display acts as master and continuously gets information from the controller (PLC Devices) and updates the contents. If there are more than one parameter, then parameters are shown one after the other. The no. of parameters, parameters names/engineering units to be displayed are predefined.

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