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Embedded Control System

Smart Scan -08

Product Specification :

The Smart SCAN - 08 is a micro controller based Scanner cum controller.   [More]


Product Specification :

INDIMON is a Micro controller based 4 channel Indicator / Monitor with four independent 3 digits of 0.5" Displays.   [More]

Smart Alarm-12

Product Specification :

Smart Alarm-12 is a micro controller based 12 WINDOW ANNUNCIATOR.   [More]

Scan RTD-04

Product Specification :

Designed to control temperature with RTD sensors.   [More]


Product Specification :

Smart counter - SC06 is a micro controller based 6 digit preset / event counter.   [More]

Smart Timer-ST06

Product Specification :

Micro Controller based 6 digit Timer with a resolution upto 0.01 sec.   [More]


Product Specification :

The TRANSMITTER receives signal from Transducers like RTD Thermocouples and maps it to 4 to 20mA or 0 to 10V.   [More]

LCD Gauge

Product Specification :

LCD Gauge is a micro controller based parameter indicator using Circular LCD bar graph.   [More]

Nurse Call System(NCS)

Product Specification :

Nurse Call System (NCS) is a micro controller based audio / visual alarm system to ensure response from nurse.   [More]


Product Specification :

DTC / DTI is a 3 digit Digital Temperature Controller / Indicator.   [More]

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