Engine Protection Device

               Engine Protection / Stop device is a micro controller based unit, used mainly to monitor various engine parameters like temperature, pressure, RPM, Alternator etc and to shut off the engine by actuating a solenoid if any of the above parameter is abnormal. It is also provided with interlocks to avoid faulty shutdowns.  

  LCD Tachometer

           LCD Tachometer senses the Engine RPM and displays the reading using a 31 segments LCD semicircular display. This also displays the number of hours the engine worked for using 6 digits, 7-Segment LCD display. Engine RPM to be displayed is in range of 0 to 3000. This range is mapped to 31 segments on the LCD Display (One segment corresponds to 100 RPM). It is possible to have factory set RPM limit so that on crossing the limit over speed symbol starts flashing along with one alarm output.

  Intelligent Monitoring Panels for Heavy Vehicles

         Our Dash Board Panels differ from the conventional gauges in many ways. The system doesn't have any mechanical moving parts and works with minimum wires and fitments. All the inputs from various electro-mechanical switches and sensors are routed to a main control unit which is fitted away from the dashboard. The control unit consists of a micro controller and it reads all the inputs and sends information to the dashboard panel.The dashboard panel also has LCD based gauges to display various parameters and also pilot warning indicators.The advantage of the system is that the information from the control unit to the dashboard unit is transmitted on 4 wires. Also any number of dashboard panels can be connected to the bus and the cable will be only of 4 wires.The controller is provided with a serial output which can be connected to a GSM modem kind of thing. This will be useful in highway and off road (Mining) application

  Computerised Transmission Controller

            The Computerised Transmission Controller basically measures the RPM and senses other digital inputs to be used for interlock and automatic gear shift. It will also display the present gear in use.

        The system consists of :

  • Gear Shift controller based on microcontroller.
  • Gear indicator which displays the active gear.
  • Gear Shift lever for the operator to restrict the highest gear, to shift to the reverse gear or to put in neutral.

  Multifunctional Vehicle Data Recorder ( MFDR )

             This is an LCD based Data Acquisition system for real time scanning of critical vehicle parameters for the purpose of data logging , audio visual warning and to assist vehicle maintenance scheduling. The system accepts On / Off and analog signals from electromechanical switches and sensors fitted on the equipment subsystems. It will log real time data to provide enhanced diagnostic message. The logged data can be retrieved later to study equipment history for failure analysis. The four keys provided on the front panel are used to operate certain basic functions like display equipment parameter, set limits, modify calibration table etc. A 320 x 240 pixels LCD on the front panel displays the warning symbols of the parameter, operating hour of the vehicle, vehicle speed in digital format and warning messages.  

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