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Custom Specific Projects


Product Specification :

Designed to provide development & debugging environment for the RTX2010 Micro controller.   [More]

Multifunctional Vehicle Data Recorder (MFDR)

Product Specification :

This is an LCD based Data Acquisition system for real time scanning of critical vehicle parameters for the purpose of data logging.   [More]

Machine Down Time Recorder (MDTR) 

Product Specification :

Designed to monitor and record the status of processing machines.   [More]

Lift Display System

Product Specification :

Designed to give more information than just the floor No.s to the lift users.   [More]

Message Display

Product Specification :

It is a 20 character by four row Dot Matrix display with the character height of 2". The messages can be scrolled horizontally / Vertically.   [More]


Product Specification :

Designed to automatically get the status of VFD Drives at regular intervals of time.   [More]

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