Assembly Line Monitoring System

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          Generally a product made of several Components and Processes is manufactured by adding various different Components at different Assembly stations and by running it through several Processes again at different stages. Manufacturing such products necessiates movement of semifinished product from one stage to the next stage which is handled by a conveyor belt kind of a system. At every stage there could be several Components that are added or several Processes that the product is subjected to. In this method of manufacturing at every stage there is a dependency on the previous stages to get a semifinished product, to add some more Components, and to pass it on to the next stage. This method also runs the risk of Assembly line hold up due to any problem in any one of the stages. Thus it is very crucial, to identify stages that are causing hold ups and communicate immediately the exact reason for such hold ups, to the concerned personnel. Speed at which these signals are picked up and communicated actually determines the hold up time of Assembly lines.

      The Assembly Line Monitoring System designed by Process Care Systems helps in immediately sensing any hold up in any one of the stages automatically and communicate reason for hold up either automatically or with some more inputs from the operator at a particular stage instantaneously.

Advantages of our ALMS:

Assembly Line Monitoring System interconnects all the stations in an assembly line to a supervisor. Every assembly station is provided with a Smart Monitoring Unit (SMU) which allows the operator at a particular station to convey any problem at the station causing the assembly line hold up. Commonly encountered causes are allocated hot key to immediately convey the cause for the holdup by pressing a relevant key.

Product Features:

  • Smart Monitoring Unit can send information if a station is down automatically by continuously monitoring activity at the Station.
  • Programmable threshold time after which a station is declared to be down in the absence of activity.
  • Both audio visual alarms are activated when a station is down attracting the operator to communicate the reason for down by pressing a relevant key.
  • Provision for extra I/O lines are made through an extender port to which an IO extender module can be connected.
  • LED / LCD TV can be integrated to publicize problems at different stations.
  • Usage of Smart Monitoring unit makes the system work in a stand alone mode without any help of a PC.
  • Provision is made to segregate the reasons for down at several stations and route them to the respective departments to be showed on an LCD Monitor / TV of desirable size.
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          The Production Line Monitoring System interconnects all the stations in a production line to a supervisor. Every production station is provided with a Station Unit(SU) / a Machine Monitoring Unit (MMU) which allows the operator at particular station to convey any problem at the station causing the production line hold up. Commonly encountered causes are allocated hot key to immediately convey the cause for the holdup by pressing a relevant key.


Production Monitoring System / Andon Display

         These are used in the manufacturing industries to display production details going on in the assembly line. Production details such as TARGET COUNT, ACTUAL COUNT, and DIFFERENCE will be shown on the Display.

  • Operators can set target, break and lunch time.
  • Control unit automatically updates progressive target count with time.
  • Displays the achieved target count on every input pulse.
  • Display size - 4" seven segment display.
  • Target indicator- 3 digits, Achieved - 3 digits. Difference indicator - 3 digits.Repair count - 2 digits.
  • Over all dimension (687mm x 380mm x 100mm).
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Production Rate Monitoring System

  • The display uses 4" 7 segment LED Display unit of 8 Nos to show different production Line parameters.
  • Over all dimension (1280mm x 800mm x 100mm).
  • Static information display is illuminated by back light with uniform intensity.
  • Designed to work with remote PLC at a distance of 3kms.
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Modbus Parameter Display

          Modbus Parameter Display is a microcontroller based, LED type Display, designed to be used in Power Plants to keep track of various process Parameters.

  • Uses super bright 5mm oval LEDs which are meant for outdoor applications. The height of the Characters is 172mm. Modbus RTU Protocol is implemented on RS485 Communication port.
  • Here display acts as master and continuously gets information from the controller (PLC Devices) and updates the contents. If there are more than one parameter, then parameters are shown one after the other. The no. of parameters, parameters names/engineering units to be displayed are predefined.
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Stand Alone Ascii Display

          This is two line alphanumeric display having dot matrix display modules of 8x8 pixels. They are available in 96x16, 144x16 pixel sizes. The keypad consisting of 20 feather touch keys provides for making messages like it is done with hand phones to create SMS and composed messages can be stored in it.

  • Upto 100 messages can be stored .
  • User friendly keypad similar to hand phones.
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Tube Process Control Unit

          This is a microcontroller based product which accepts an input from a pressure switch and starts process (Curing of Tubes). The unit is provided with a dual display to display the running time of the process and Product (Cycle) Count. Two timings can be set and they run in a cyclic fashion. A relay O/P is provided for each of the timer, which can be used for control. Also there is a provision to run process in manual or auto mode. The main feature of the system is that it has an RS485 port and several such units can be connected to a PC.User friendly GUI module on PC records the process parameter for later use to generate reports.

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