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  Smart Alarm 12

             Smart Alarm 12 is a micro controller based 12 window Annunciartor.This annunciator allows for field programmability of operating sequence(Auto Reset ,Manual Reset ,First Up and Ring Back) ,grouping Trip / Non Trip and NO / NC fault input through DIP switches avoiding hard wiring at the site.

  Heater Failure Annunciator

             This system is designed to sense the current through heating elements continuously and raise an alarm if current is found to be absent  through anyone of the elements and exactly indicate which one is faulty. Our system also can take care of avoiding false alarm while the heaters are switched OFF by an ON/OFF controller.  


  IR Bulb Failure Annunciator

             In certain applications like semiconductor wafer fabrications, infrared bulbs [IR bulbs] are heavily used. There will be too many rejections if these bulbs fail during the process. It is required to have a system which will immediately sense fusing of these bulbs and give alarm without waiting for the temperature to fall. This is exactly like Heater Failure Annunciator with slight modification and tuning.   

  Smart Alarm 480

       This is a 480 Window (32x15) Annunciation System modularly designed with every module catering to 32 inputs. Following are the salient features of the system.

  • Microprocessor based split architecture type Annunciator
  • Self Powered Remote Display Windows
  • Remote push buttons for Test, Acknowledge and Reset
  • Fault Inputs: 480 nos.
  • Response time: 40 milli seconds or less
  • Field Iterrogation voltage: 48VDC
  • Contact Type: Field Configurable NO/NC
  • Single CAT5 cable from Sub-Rack to Display. Elimination of 99% cabling
  • Easily scalable to customers' requirements
  • Immunity of System Operation angaist Module Failures

  Thyristor fuse Monitoring System

         It is used to monitor 48 fuses, potential free microswitch contact which are in series with each thyristor device. The status of the fuses (whether fuse is intact, blown or disabled) are displayed on a graphic 320 x 240 pixel LCD module.

        The faults (latest 64 ) are recorded in the non volatile memory with date and time stamped along with Project name , Fuse ID, Fuse Description downloaded by the user. These stored records can be printed through a serial printer. There are 6 feather touch keys on the front panel to give Print command to print faults and Fuse map, to set Time/Date, to configure fuses (Enable/disable, NO/NC contact), to configure serial port baud rate, to set password etc. There are 4 Relay Outputs. The 2 relays for Alarm output which are activated when any one fuse blows in any of the banks (one relay is redundant). Other 2 relays for Trip output which are activated when more than one fuse blow in any of the banks (one is redundant).

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