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Token Calling Unit


Token Display Unit

Queue Management System

Token Calling Unit:
Power Consumption: 5 W at 24 VDC
Weight: 0.3 kg
Dimension: 9 cm x 14.5 cm x 3.2 cm
Material: ABS Plastic
Token Display Unit:
Power Consumption: 25 W at 230 VAC
Dimension: 59 cm x 19 cm x 7.5 cm
Weight: 6.0 Kg
Material: MS

                   A common scenario in front of clinics, hospitals, medicine issuing counters, banks is people standing in long queues. These people cannot do any other activity until they are served. In order to save people from the trouble of standing in long queues, it is better to issue a token to each individual & call on turn. One can be occupied otherwise until that individual‘s token no. is displayed and announced.

                   In such situations Token Display System helps provide a solution in creating hassle free environment. The clients are effectively as well as efficiently served without the need of standing in a queue. Token display system helps managing Tokens and provides information to the waiting person along with announcement of token nos. in vernacular language. The essential components of token display are

  1. Token calling unit
  2. Token Display Unit with inbuilt voice module and
  3. cabling between them
Queue Management System

The display chosen could be of 2”/ 4”/ 6” numerical height depending on the waiting hall requirement.


                    We are pioneers in making Customised Display Systems and recognized as leading manufacturers in India. Our Display systems are accepted widely for its reliability and performance which encouraged us to develop several other products for the manufacturing industry as well. Our products are appreciated for the following reasons.

  • It is a product from a company incorporated in 1989.

  • Designed by highly experienced engineers. [ex- ISRO SCIENTISTS]

  • Very simple wiring and easy to install. - CAT 5 Cable

  • Used across India by Railways & several other transport companies.

  • No. of digits can be easily customized.

  • Working successfully since 2003.

  • Preferred and appreciated by several multinational companies.

  • Cost effective, efficient, compact and highly reliable.

  • Excellent aesthetics due to the usage of soft LCD.

  • Maintenance free.

Our Token Display Systems are installed in Hospitals, Cafeteria, Parking lots, Clinics, Banks, and other government offices where people used to form large physical queue to get the things done.

Product Features:

  • Makes use of seven segment super bright LEDs there by reducing power consumption.
  • Voice module with Standard voice announcement in a regional language and English instead of buzzer makes it distinguished.
  • Very low operating voltage makes it safer for the user.
  • Very simple design makes it easily installable and Maintenance free.
  • Random Selection of Token no. possible since full numeral key pad is available.
  • Occupies very little desk space unlike competitors’ products.
  • INC/ DEC key helps to display nos. with single key press.

                 Our Token Display System consists of two units. Viz. Display Unit & Token Calling Unit [TCU]. Light weight Token Calling Unit consists of 15 keys 0 to 9, INC, DEC, Clear, Call. LCD unit will show the entered no. INC/DEC keys help choose next/previous token easily. Red colored ‘Clear’ key sets the displayed value to 0 where as pressing ‘Call’ displays the entered no. on the Display Unit. Token announcement in a regional language and English makes it convenient for People who can not read.

                Display Unit will have several seven segment LEDs [Usually 3 digits] of 4” height. A speaker on the right side of the unit is for voice announcement. Outer cover is made of mild steel with black colored powder coating.

Communication Inferface Unit

Technical Specification:
Dimension :350(W)x65(H)x180D) mm
Power : 230V AC +/- 10%, 50 Hz, 50 Watts
Weight: 2.5 Kg
Material: MS Enclosure  


         There are many organizations [Eg. Large Hospitals] where service providers are equipped with PC’s for many reasons and are generally interconnected on a LAN. In such cases it is better to make use of this existing infrastructure to manage the Queue of Service seekers. Hence TMS_NET is developed to make use of the PC’s available as Calling units [Clients],while one of the PC’s is used as controller [Server]. The controller with a serial port inbuilt [or realized Through USB to Serial Converter] can get interfaced with several Token Dispensers and Token Displays through the communicator interface. It is also possible to connect a large LCD TV to be used in common waiting Hall to show all the tokens called. This system allows for more than 8 Queues [Up to a max. of 15X8 Queues] with a restriction that each Token Dispenser can handle only one group of 8 Queues. The Screen Area available on the Client PC’s is put to best use by the Application software to show the status of all the tokens simultaneously as depicted in the figure below.

Queue Management System

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