Communication Inferface Unit

Technical Specification:
Dimension :350(W)x65(H)x180D) mm
Power : 230V AC +/- 10%, 50 Hz, 50 Watts
Weight: 2.5 Kg
Material: MS Enclosure  


         There are many organizations [Eg. Large Hospitals] where service providers are equipped with PCs for many reasons and are generally interconnected on a LAN. In such cases it is better to make use of this existing infrastructure to manage the Queue of Service seekers. Hence TMS_NET is developed to make use of the PCs available as Calling units [Clients],while one of the PCs is used as controller [Server]. The controller with a serial port inbuilt [or realized Through USB to Serial Converter] can get interfaced with several Token Dispensers and Token Displays through the communicator interface. It is also possible to connect a large LCD TV to be used in common waiting Hall to show all the tokens called. This system allows for more than 8 Queues [Up to a max. of 15X8 Queues] with a restriction that each Token Dispenser can handle only one group of 8 Queues. The Screen Area available on the Client PCs is put to best use by the Application software to show the status of all the tokens simultaneously as depicted in the figure below.

Queue Management System

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