Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does Isolation help me?

Ans:  Whenever two systems with their own power supply units are to be interconnected, one has to remember the ground (reference) potentials of these systems could be at different levels. Such difference in ground potentials could cause excessive ground loop current to flow through the sensitive semiconductor devices and destroy them. The isolator avoids electrical connection between these two grounds. Instead the data is transferred optically between systems while the required power supplies are derived from a galvanic isolated system.


2) Can I cascade RMD128 to expand number of RS232 ports?

Ans:  Yes, It is possible, for e.g. one can think of having one to 64 ports system by connecting 8 subchannels of a nodal RMD128 to the composite port of 8 numbers of RMD128sí at 2nd level.


3) Can I cascade Serial Sharer?

Ans:  No, It is not recommended although logically it is possible. If these devices are cascaded there will be severe degradation of the data quality which may cause erroneous data transfer.


4) Can I connect modems to DYNAMUX multiplexers?

Ans:  It is not possible to connect dial up modems or any such modems designed to work on PSTN network (Public Switch Telephone Network).However modems designed to work on  dedicated passive wires and can support data speed of more than 512kbps could be used.