Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Some of our Room Numbers are not pure digits. Instead they are alphanumeric like ICU1 and CCU1.How does NCS indicate the room designation?

    Answer: It is exactly for the same reason the NCS is designed with static windows and one can insert a bromide film (or similar thing) with the required letters to identify the room. If NS LCD display is part of the chosen system it is possible to compose desired symbols making use of 80 x 80 pixels available using a computer with our free application software loaded and store it in a display unit to be used to indicate a call.

  2. We are presently using electrical buzzer system which uses 230V A.C.To use your Nurse Call System should we change the wiring?

    Answer: No, you need not change the wiring .We have an interface converter to work with your existing 230V AC Cabling.You can continue to use the present call button working with 230V AC which is not recommended for safety reasons.If you want to go for safer calling units,you can order for calling units (CU232) which is designed to work at lower voltage at the patient side but operates at 230V AC on the wiring. This offers dual advantage of Aesthetic calling units working with 230V AC and protecting the patient from higher voltage. It is required to use NCS-Esteem version for this application.

  3. What kind of cable do we use for NCS to work ?

    Answer: NCS works on any cheap cable and even with telephone cables. Every room needs one pair of cable. However it is recommended to use two pair of cables keeping one pair as spare.

  4. Can we use NCS for different purpose with voice other than ” Attention Patient Calling ” ?

  5. Answer: Yes it is possible. You have to request for the voice you need.Cost depends on quantity.