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Message Display



It is a 20 character by four row Dot Matrix display with the character height of 2". The messages can be scrolled horizontally / vertically. Maximum of 64 characters can be fitted in each row for horizontal scrolling and maximum of 20 rows (20 characters in each row) can be scrolled vertically. The characters can be selected to give different attributes like flashing a character, reversing the image, underline etc.,

The Display System has an RS232C port to interact with a PC. A VB front end software is designed to download messages and attributes can be stored in the internal memory so that it can be disconnected from the PC and made portable. The VB front end also provides for the user definable character fonts.


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Presently the VFD drives are provided with two push buttons, one to reset the drive and other to get the status of the drive. The VFD drive output on RS232C port is connected to a special printer which prints the output with date and time stamped. The disadvantage of existing system is that the drive output will not be accepted by any other printers and also manual intervention is required to get the status of the drive.

HMI LCD Panels are designed to receive signals from VFD drives on RS232C port. The received data is transmitted on to another RS232C port (Console port) which is routed to a remote PC, where it is stored and presented in various formats. The data is also routed to the printer, stored in internal Flash Memory and displayed on the 320x240 pixels LCD after date and time stamping. User can view a particular page of information available in the flash through keypad and send it to printer on giving a print command.

Another important function done by HMI LCD Panel is to automatically get the drive status at regular intervals of time by means of closing a relay contact parallely wired to the existing push button.

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