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Machine Down Time Recorder (MDTR)



Expensive machines are used for various processes in the manufacturing activities. During the activity in a day, the machine is down for many reasons. MDTR is an intelligent addressable device which can be fitted with each machine to record the reason and the duration for which the machine is down. When any of the machines is switched off, the attached device will not allow the machine to be switched on unless operator enters the proper Reason Code through keys provided on front panel of the device.

MDTR sends the status of the machine when it is queried by the master device (PC). The master will be communicating with several such slave devices on TDM basis and the total down time for each reason is calculated and maintained in database on daily basis which can be used for the analysis.

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Lift Display System



With the increase in customer expectations and requirements it has become essential to provide more information to the lift passengers either to make their travel easier or for the service provider to make use of the precious time of the passengers in promoting a company , product or service.

There are two units in this system.

Lift Information Interface (LII) - collects digital data corresponding to the car position, movement and other informations like overload, lift under maintenance etc., from the machine controller and sends it to the Display Module Interface (DMI) along with the time and date.

Display Module Interface. (DMI) - consists of 320 x 240 pixels LCD on which the floor number, Time, Date, room temperature and other messages like overload, lift under maintenance etc., along with the symbols will be displayed. DMI will be placed in each landing and inside the lift.

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