Frequently Asked Questions


1) Can I have a network of display systems distributed in different places so that I can send different information to different 

     displays, if so? What can be the distance and how many such displays can be there in the network?

     Ans : Yes, One can have up to a maximum of 32 displays on one segment in a bus topology. The maximum distance of this bus can be

     1km. It is possible to use an RS485 hub to get 8 such segments so that no. of displays can be extended up to at least 254 displays. Every

     display can have its own self address so that different information can be routed to the respective displays.


2) How do I integrate your display systems into my system?

    Ans : Your  system could be a PC, PLC [Programmable logic controller] or an embedded system. It is required to have one serial 

    port some how derived [e.g.: USB to RS232 converter on PC] and use our proprietary protocol to send messages.


3) Can I generate graphic images of my own?

    Ans : Yes, our display is of bitmapped graphic type. You can use our own message making software free of cost or you can create your 

     own graphic file and send it to our display.


4) How can I pick up production information and put it to your SPMS [Smart Production Monitoring System]?

     Ans : One can pick production information either from a PLC [a pulse for every count] or from a Potential free contact [e.g Limit Switch]

     or from a manually operated push button switch. We can also design an interface circuit specially  to suit your application. Such an

     example could be picking a 230V pulse.


5) Can I use ASCII display as a token display?

     Ans : Yes, It can be done making use of  UP arrow, DOWN arrow and enter key in the keypad.


6) How is ASCII display different from other displays?

     Ans : ASCII display is designed to take ASCII characters as input and display the respective ASCII symbols. This reduces the

     information flow on the serial port provided in the display system for e.g. to show A one needs to transmit 16 ASCII symbols [8 bytes]

     in a bitmapped graphic display  where as ASCII display needs  only one ASCII character which happens to be 41H code.


7) I already have a multi parameter measuring unit which gives out all the parameter values on a serial port .How do I make

    use of  your parameter display unit?

    Ans :  If you can share with us the protocol details of this serial interface we can suitably the alter our display system to indicate all the

     parameters that are sent out to this serial port.