Bilingual Display boards 

   LED Display Module [16 x144 pixels]

  • Display is made of very high intensity LEDs' so that it can be viewed from distance and also in day light.
  • Usage of RISC based microcontroller makes it possible to work at lower crystal frequency which reduces emission.
  • The enclosure is made of MS with 2mm sheets and ribs to make it sturdy. 

  User Interface module [ UIM ]

  • This device  is placed on the rear side of the display board  to store and manage messages.
  • It has an LCD screen and a keypad to enable the user to browse through the messages and to put the contents on the  Display Board.
  • It has two serial ports one to interact with the Display Board and other to interact with either computer or Data Card.

   Configuration Software Module

  • It is a user friendly GUI software developed in house to compose the messages.
  • Messages can be composed in all recognised Indian langanguages.
  • The composed message will be passed through a serial port present in the computer to theUser Interface Module[UIM]on the Display board or to the Data Card (compact Hand Held Storage Device) from which the data can be sent to the UIM .




  • Luminosity of LEDs used allows for daylight viewing.
  • User Interface Module : placed on the rear end with full keypad allows random selection of messages(destinations).
  • Data Cards : Compact hand held  unit  which allows easy upgradation of station names on to the display boards..
  • Versatile and user friendly s/w for composing messages in different languages and   graphical messages.
  • 13 patterns of  Horizontal Scrolling options.
  • Available in Red , Amber  and Green color LEDs.


  • Is mainly used as DESTINATION DISPLAY BOARDS  on Busses, Trains, Cabs etc.
  • To display General Messages
  • Can be used to display messages in worship edifices   eg: Churches, temples, mosques etc.
  • Advertisement Displays in front of Shops, Hospitals, Banks, Schools, Industries etc.

 Destination Message Display on Bus Destination Message display for trains

           Scrolling Led message Displays