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HS RTX2010 is a 16bit stack based microcontroller designed to be radiation-hardened to suit Space applications where very high speed control tasks are to be performed.

The Emulator for this processor which was not available has been designed for ISRO.

Presently this emulator is used by several divisions of ISRO all over India.

Some of the features of this emulator are as follows.

Single step execution with status reporting on all registers.

Break on various conditions like : Instruction fetch at an address, I/O activity, Memory Read, Memory Write, Interrupt and also asynchronous Break.

Counting of Time elapsed while executing a routine in number of clock states.

Map memory of 64K bytes.

Trace memory of 64K cycles.

Download / upload of programs from / to the disk.

Editing of user memory.

Disassembler to list out RTX2010 Mnemonics.

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Multifunctional Vehicle Data Recorder (MFDR)



This is an LCD based Data Acquisition system for real time scanning of critical vehicle parameters for the purpose of data logging , audio visual warning and to assist vehicle maintenance scheduling. The system accepts On / Off and analog signals from electromechanical switches and sensors fitted on the equipment subsystems. It will log real time data to provide enhanced diagnostic message. The logged data can be retrieved later to study equipment history failure analysis. The four keys provided on the front panel are used to operate certain basic functions like display equipment parameter, set limits, modify calibration table etc. A 320 x 240 pixels LCD on the front panel displays the warning symbols of the parameter, operating hour of the vehicle, vehicle speed in digital format and warning messages.

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