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Frequently Asked Quesions

1. What is the PC configuration required for ALMS to work?
Ans: Firstly, it is not necessary to have a PC for the ALMS System to function. However if a PC is connected to the LSDU (LCD based Supervisory Display Unit) with our application running, PC can grab all the activities of ALMS, date and time stamps and store those in a Data base to be retrieved later to generate various management information Reports.
Minimum configuration required:
    1. Pentium IV with minimum of 128 MB Ram.
    2. One COM Port for serial communication with LSDU Unit(s).
    3. CD ROM drive.
    4. PC with Windows 2000 /Windows XP as operating System.
    5. MS Office 2003 or later installed.

2. How many ALMS Displays can be used?
Ans: Theoretical limitation of number of ALMS Display together with Common Area Displays is 32 numbers. To deploy more than 16 ALMS displays one needs to use extra communication device which
process care systems can supply.

3. How many and what kind of signals can be picked from a station automatically?
Ans: There is a provision to pick up signals of NO/NC type from an Assembly station automatically. However process care systems can customise to sense an analog parameter with set limits to emit NO/NC signals out to be interfaced to SMU (Station Monitoring Unit). This needs extra hardware to be attached externally to SMU.

4. Can the System be supplied without voice channel?
Ans: Voice channel is an added feature of the system. Which is an optional one and the system can be used without voice channel also effectively.

5. What kind of cabling is recommended for interconnecting modules?
Ans: CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable is good enough for inter module communication. It is highly recommended to use UPS cabling for powering all the modules, for which 720 cable can be used with proper sockets terminated at every node.

6. How many LSDUs are required in ALMS?
Ans: LSDU is designed to be a master and it can be only one unit deployed per Assembly line.

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